How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

Finding jobs for new personnel have developed to be much less elaborate in the UAE regardless of the coronavirus have an impact on the job market. How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) has recently launched a new mannequin of the digital platform regarded as Virtual Labor Market urging each employer and job seekers to register on the portal.

However, the Ministry on Wednesday has long gone a step similarly and made it simpler for employers to recruit human beings who are presently accessible in the UAE, as employers are unable to convey human beings from abroad

due to journey restrictions as phase of precautionary measures to fight the unfold of coronavirus. The Ministry has made it even less complicated for groups to get interior work permits with the aid of its on line portal.

How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

These extra than one vacancies announced on the careers internet site are founded at expats who have been rendered jobless or made redundant as a direct fallout of the present day Covid-19 pandemic. These jobs supply salaries ranging from Dh3,000 to 10,000 and are commensurate with the stage of the vacancy.

It is additionally in addition clarified that some of the posts are brief and up to six months, while others are everlasting and grant preference career prospects.

Most of the jobs in Dubai on hand at the cutting-edge 2d are in construction, the meals sector, e-commerce and telecommunications and creating greater opportunities.

MOHRE digital labor market’s of Dubai is an electronic platform lets in job seekers inside and outdoor the UAE to enter their CVs and create their non-public profiles. Job seekers can additionally see the vacancies brought through way of UAE groups at it’s job portals and practice for these jobs.

Ways for looking job in Dubai after lockdown :

The new model of the digital labor market is an current platform for imparting employment offerings to job seekers and agencies in accordance with the artificial intelligence (AI) system, according to MOHRE.

The use of AI will ease the machine of matching the requirements of the jobs added by way of way of UAE corporations with the job seekers’ profiles, created and uploaded on the web site in an interactive manner.

The virtual labor market is convenient to use as it used to be designed in such a manner that simplifies the job seeker’s journey to search for a job that matches his competencies and skills. How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

A job seeker can get admission to the website and create his expert profile besides subject to learn about job possibilities accessible in businesses and hence examine to the wonderful job that fits his or her profile.

  1. How to locate job in Dubai after Lockdown

The net website allows businesses to apprehend how some distance the archives of job seekers are aligned with job requirements, and to track the expert development of the owners of these documents registered in the virtual labor market chiefly based totally on a clever system.

Enabled with the aid of the artificial Genius (AI) system, the platform matches the requirements of the jobs introduced by way of the UAE agencies with the job seekers’ profiles in an interactive manner.

Recruiters can search for certified candidates with the useful resource of creating their personal net web page to exhibit their vacancies and additionally by way of searching the net website online for job seekers.

Ways to apply for Dubai jobs after lockdown:

Register on job portals

You can register on job portals and create an account free of cost. It is very obvious that you might need to pay to get optional extra services in some of the job portals in Dubai.

You must keep looking for vacancies in Dubai and apply accordingly after registering for the job portal. You are not required to pay commission to any party and neither to the recruiting company nor to the company behind the job portal if you land a job through a job portal in Dubai.

Job portals of the Government sector:

Federal Authority for Government Human Resources which is the Federal Government job portal’s.

Taw teen Gate (For UAE nationals only) – Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization – (MoHRE)

Electronic platform – ‘Virtual Job Market’ – Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratizations – (MoHRE)

recruitment – Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Government job portal

Dubai Careers –  job portal of the Dubai Government

Government jobs of Fujairah

Ministry of Community Development offer the  platform for people of determination.

Private job portals:



Monster Gulf

Gulf News Careers


Emirates Job Bank (EJB)

Emirates Job Bank (EJB) is a government-facilitated job portal that enables Dubai people.

the first phase of EJB  in Dubai, public shareholding companies and national banks to post their job opportunities through EJB. The second phase will be carried out in the second quarter of 2020 and will include all government, semi-government and the private sector entities.

Entities and organizations will be required to justify reasons for rejecting applicants.

Emirates Job Bank was once launched by means of H. H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is popularly considered as the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE and Minister of Presidential Affairs as phase of the implementation of the Cabinet Resolution

10/1 of 2019 that obliges all authorities entities and private zone to priorities the employment of UAE nationals in a hundred and sixty targeted professions to support Emiratization.

National training platform

In December 2019, a national training platform which is commonly known as the was launched for UAE nationals. For qualifying about18,000 individuals for the Dubai job market is considered as the main aim of this platform

in the next three years and along with that you can also improve their skills in specific sectors which include various things such as the customer service, real estate, oil and gas, electrical and mechanical engineering, retail industry, etc.

The duration of the training programmer is between three and six months, and the trainees will get a certificate from the training institutes that are approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations (MoHRE).

job seekers and those who wish to change their career path Emirati can have the access to the portal and register to get the training programmer they need.

MoHRE and the Higher Colleges of Technology sponsored this initiatives which is considered very effective . And this strategy is part of the implementation of the 10 strategic resolutions which has been adopted by the UAE Cabinet in September 2019 for supporting the Emiratizations in Dubai from various sectors.

Virtual Labor Market of Dubai:

A completely new version of the electronic platform which is commonly known as the Virtual Labor Market has been launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations  , and it need to enable job seekers inside and backyard the UAE to search for a job in the UAE. The platform permits job seekers to register their CVs and groups to announce vacancies.

Enabled with the aid of the artificial brain (AI) system, the platform matches the requirements of the jobs introduced by way of the UAE agencies with the job seekers’ profiles in an interactive manner. Recruiters can search for certified

candidates via developing their personal web page to show their vacancies and also by searching the website for job seekers. This way, it helps both, the recruiters and the job seekers to find what they are searching for.

Online portal for Emirati freelancers in Dubai: is an on line interactive platform that connects expert Emiratis who want to freelance for corporations in the public and personal sectors.

The initiative targets to guide the UAE’s Emiratizations goals, especially for these Emiratis who live in far off areas. It was once launched by using Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations (MoHRE) in coordination with Emirates Foundation (Shahab) and Federal Youth Authority in February 2020. Emiratis wishing to freelance need to be at least 21 years old.

Search at on line job fairs

Several job fairs are held in the UAE. They furnish job seekers with the probability to get to understand taking part organizations, their roles and job vacancies within.

These are especially appropriate for fresh graduates as it helps them to determine on the industry in which they may want to build a career. Job gala’s also offer networking chance for jobseekers.

Some of the job gala’s in the UAE are:

eFair – online job honest in Abu Dhabi

Careers UAE

National Career Exhibition

Look via classifieds

Job vacancies are posted in the classifieds part of on-line and print publications. There is a  classifieds section in almost all the newspaper in Dubai for vacancy.

In both, online and print editions in Dubai the job vacancies for jobs are posted . In the UAE, newspapers are published in various languages. The main language that is needed in Dubai English and Arabic languages.

Below are hyperlinks to the classifieds section of some of the English newspapers in the UAE:

Kaleen Times

The following are completely dedicated to classifieds:


Waseet (also handy in print)

But what if you have been searching for a job in Dubai from outside the UAE, then what you can do is you can search for jobs in the ‘overseas jobs’ or similar section in the newspapers in your country which can help you for finding jobs in Dubai.

Agencies of Recruitment:

To the licensed recruitment organizations in the Dubai, you need to send your CV.The agency will contact you in case there is a job opening appropriate for your skills and interests.

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations grants licenses of recruitment agencies to UAE residents only. Job seekers are no longer required to pay cash to any recruitment organization as the onus to pay such fees lies with the employers. You can refer to the ministry to test for licensed companies or elevate a complaint, if needed. Apply Online

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