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Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai
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Lead Operational Engineer – Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai

Job Purpose

At Emirates, we believe in connecting the world, to and through, our global hub in Dubai and in constantly innovating to ensure our customers ‘Fly Better’. Our Cyber Defence Operations team is looking to urgently hire a dynamic and experienced Lead operational Engineer- Network Security – L3 to join our team. 

It is anticipated that our principal engineer will direct the response to intricate cybersecurity events and oversee the process of handling higher-level issues that arise from security operations concerning unusual activity and potential security violations on systems and across networks. Moreover, this role involves overseeing significant incidents and offering extensive knowledge to lead other engineers toward maintaining a strong defense against digital threats for the organization. The individual will also be responsible for recognizing potential cyber threats, blocking them, and documenting any cyber aggression that occurs.

Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai     Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai

What you will do:

Serve as the primary contact for handling serious incidents, coordinating across teams during such events, and conducting analyses after the fact to develop preventative measures. Monitor for, and react to, potential cyber threats or abnormal behaviors, and take charge of serious incident escalations. Review triage efforts to ensure effective resolution and analyze network and system data for threat indicators, recommending fixes. Perform analyses to determine an incident’s importance, urgency, and potential consequences.

Link security events and alerts to improve threat identification and establish normal patterns of network and system use. Document and track incidents from start to finish, maintaining records of occurrences and updating processes and controls accordingly. Carry out analyses of incident patterns, evaluate their effect, and lead security operations, accepting feedback from internal IT, business units, and performance audits. Work with intelligence analysts to integrate threat data and suggest defensive improvements. Additionally, work with the content Engineering Team to advance automation and service enhancements for more effective security management.

Specific Knowledge and Skills for the role of Engineer- Network Security – L3

Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai    Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai

Skills Required

  • In-depth understanding of intricate network structures, which encompasses the creation and deployment of secure network frameworks that account for expandability and constant operational uptime.
  • Proficiency in setting up, overseeing, and optimizing high-end firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems, such as those from Cisco Firepower, Check Point, and Juniper Networks, to identify and counteract complex security risks efficiently.
  • Proficient in developing and executing strategies for dividing networks to protect essential resources and restrict horizontal expansion during a security compromise.
  • Creating forward proxy setups that are both scalable and reliably available, with consideration for distributing workloads evenly, having backups in place, and ensuring continuous operation even in the event of failures, especially for essential installations.
  • Developing and putting into action detailed strategies within ISE, such as access management based on specific roles, and categorizing devices to apply network separation rules according to the characteristics of both users and their devices.
  • Adopting sophisticated methods for filtering and examining content, such as deep packet inspection, isolation in a secure environment for suspicious programs, and enhanced detection mechanisms for threats hidden within encrypted data streams.

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Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai       Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai

Qualifications & Experience

What you will bring:


  • Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) Computer science, Information Systems, Engineering, Telecommunications, or other related scientific or technical disciplines. 


  • At least five years of experience in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity.
  • Background in collaborating with diverse, multidisciplinary groups to tackle intricate challenges.
  • Expertise in managing operating systems, network infrastructures, database systems, and securing web applications through advanced protective measures. Proficiency in conducting technical assessments with an emphasis on identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks.
  • Expertise in examining network and host behavior for signs of potential threats and formulating strategies to counteract those risks.
  • Expertise in sophisticated techniques for evaluating technology.
  • Expertise in amassing foresight into the tactics, objectives, and intersecting concerns of opponents.
  • Background in composing technical documents like incident briefings, cybersecurity updates, and seasonal report overviews.


  • Expertise in Threat Intelligence and Advanced Threat Detection within Cybersecurity Operations Centers (CSOC): Possessing specialized skills in recognizing potential threats and reacting to them efficiently.
  • Protection of Infrastructure: Expertise in the design of secure network infrastructures and implementation of sophisticated systems to prevent breaches.
  • Understanding of identity management and complex identity and access management systems is well-developed.
  • Comprehensive understanding of digital dangers, alongside a grasp of the operational atmospheres in enterprise-level information technology and cybersecurity.
  • The capability to assess threat agents by analyzing their motives and typical tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  • Leadership Role: Yes
Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai           Engineering Job Emirates Group Dubai
Salary & Benefits
Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotel stays around the world.


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