Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US| Nursing Job Opportunities in Ohio City

Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US
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Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US| Nursing Job Opportunities in Ohio City

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Job Type: PRN

Position Summary: Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Functioning within Van Wert Health’s mission, values, objectives, policies, and procedures, the Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for the provision of nursing care specific to the unit’s patient population. The RN plays a critical role in staff engagement, patient-centered care, quality and safety, and cost-effective care. The RN is responsible for managing and providing care to the patient and his/her family and coordinating care provided by ancillary members of the patient care team. The RN is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, delegating, and evaluating the care of patients.

Introduction: Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

The nursing profession is considered to be one of the noblest and most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. In the USA, Registered Nurses (RNs) are in high demand due to the growing elderly population, advancements in medical technology, and an increase in chronic diseases. This blog will provide an overview of the RN job market in the USA and the necessary certifications and licenses required to practice. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Overview of Registered Nurse Jobs in the USA

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of RNs is projected to grow 7% from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average for all occupations. In the USA, RNs can work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare agencies. The median annual wage for RNs was $75,330 in May 2020. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Certifications and Licenses required in the USA

To become an RN in the USA, one must have a diploma, an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) from an accredited institution. RNs must also pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) and obtain a license from their state board of nursing. RNs can also obtain additional certifications in various specialties, such as pediatrics, critical care, and neonatal care. These certifications can enhance their job opportunities and increase their earning potential. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Education & Experience: Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

1. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

2. Registered Nurse licensed and in good standing in the State of Ohio

3. BLS required

4. ACLS, NRP, & PALS preferred


1) Must be able to function in a team environment

2) Must be able to respond to both written and verbal instructions

3) Must possess good manual dexterity, acute vision and hearing

4) Must be able to function in highly stressful situations

5) Must embrace the concepts of continuous quality improvement and client satisfaction

6) Must be able to adapt to change

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Types of Registered Nurse Jobs

The nursing profession in the USA offers various opportunities for RNs to specialize in specific areas based on their interests and expertise. Some popular RN job specializations include critical care nurse, emergency room nurse, operating room nurse, neonatal nurse, and psychiatric nurse. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Critical Care Nurse

Critical care nurses assist patients who are critically ill or require specialized medical attention in intensive care units (ICUs).

Operating Room Nurse

Operating room nurses assist surgeons during surgical procedures and ensure that patients are safe and comfortable throughout the surgery. RNs can choose to specialize in other areas such as cardiology, oncology, and geriatrics based on their career interests.

Emergency Room Nurse

Emergency room (ER) nurses specialize in providing immediate medical care to patients who require emergency treatment. They must be able to think and act quickly in high-pressure situations.

ER Nurse Roles and Responsibilities

ER nurses are responsible for performing initial assessments, triage, and treatments on patients who require emergency care. They must administer medications, assist doctors in procedures, and monitor patients’ conditions. ER nurses must also educate patients and families about their conditions and treatments. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

ER Nurse Work Environment

The work environment for an ER nurse is typically fast-paced and dynamic, with shifts varying from 8-12 hours. They may work in large metropolitan or smaller community hospitals, standalone emergency departments, or trauma centers. ER nurses may also have opportunities to work in flight or ground transport teams.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

The labor and delivery (L&D) nurse is responsible for providing medical care and support to women during the labor and delivery process. They monitor the mother’s and baby’s vital signs, administer medications as needed, and assist doctors during childbirth. In addition, they provide emotional support and education to parents throughout the process. The L&D nurse must be able to handle high-stress situations and work well under pressure.  Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

L&D Nurse Job Duties

L&D nurses prepare the mother for delivery, monitor contractions, and assist with pain management. They also monitor fetal heart rates, perform vaginal exams, and check for signs of possible complications. After delivery, they assist with postpartum care and breastfeeding education.

L&D Nurse Certification

Special certification is required to work as an L&D nurse. The National Certification Corporation offers a certification exam for registered nurses who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. Some hospitals may require additional certifications or qualifications. It’s essential for L&D nurses to stay up-to-date with current medical practices and advancements. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who takes short-term assignments in different locations across the country. They work in a variety of medical settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Travel nursing is an excellent opportunity for nurses to gain new experiences, earn higher salaries, and explore new places.

Benefits and Opportunities of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing offers several benefits, including flexible schedules, free accommodations, and competitive salaries. Travel nurses can choose assignments that align with their interests, build their skills in different medical settings, and work with diverse patient populations. Additionally, travel nurses can receive bonuses, health insurance, and retirement benefits from staffing agencies. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

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Travel Nursing Requirements

To become a travel nurse, you need a minimum of an Associate’s degree in nursing and a registered nursing license. Most travel nursing positions require at least one year of clinical experience in a hospital setting. The nurse must also be able to work independently and can adapt to new environments quickly. Acquiring additional certifications can also increase your chances of getting hired and land you a higher salary. Jobs for Registered Nurses in the US

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