Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

Detail of Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners This position Image accepts that the individual has met each and every one of the prerequisites for employment by G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd.

Including, but not limited to, security license verification, criminal police information verification (CPIC), credit reference (if applicable), background check, minimum age, and minimum education (high school diploma or foreign equivalent, or earned GED).

In addition, this job description does not indicate that these are the only duties performed by this employee.Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

Individuals in this position are required to follow other instructions and perform other duties required by the management of this position.

Role responsibilities: Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners
Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

Security guard jobs in Canada for foreigners
Security guard jobs in Canada for foreigners G4S Safety Solutions is a Leading Provider of security solutions in Canada.

Our company specializes in hiring and training security professionals to meet all our customers ‘ needs.

At G4S, we have joined many professional organizations in the field of security, work places, land, commercial storage rooms, spa centers, clinics and private apartments. We are also proud of our partnership with various government agencies in securing facilities.

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Currently, we are looking for a full-time security guard for one of our federal sites. This position is located mainly in the Etobicoke region.

Duties and responsibilities:Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

  • Control access to facilities / regions
  • Do patrols in and out as required by after order
  • Operation function of security management center system / equipment, including computer, radio, mobile phone , BlackBerry
  • Be sure to follow facility safety and emergency procedures in response to fire alarms and other on-site emergencies
  • Provide site-specific training to the webmaster or client
  • Follow mail orders for each posted site
  • Demonstrate judgment, common sense and decision-making skills, especially when it is necessary to take responsibility and guide others in an emergency or other incident
  • Accurate record keeping, report writing, observation skills
  • Mastered all Microsoft Office software
  • Good language and communication

Mandatory employment requirements:Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

  • Full-time operation daily and night shifts for all days and schedules
  • Minimum of 5 years of residence in Canada
  • It was possible to pass through federal Public Works and other government loopholes.
  • Valid Ontario security guard license
  • Efficiency of standard first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Minimum secondary education / equivalent
  • Priority will be given to those who have completed the police institution or have 2 years of relevant security experience
  • In G4S training courses: effective communication , crisis management subject to training suppression as required

Employers to promote equal employment opportunities for all job seekers, including those who identify themselves as members of these groups:Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

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If you are currently not allowed to work in Canada, your employer will not consider applying for your job.

The responsibility of the security officer: Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners

  • Accept overall accountability for the welfare and security of the designated area
  • View custom areas as shown in security systems
  • Identify and address potential security risks
  • All episodes
  • Appropriate credentials (ID badge and route) for all employees and visitors to access the building)
  • We will respond promptly and according to the policy for emergencies and accidents in designated areas
  • Assist staff and visitors with concerns that they may have
  • Escalate the law enforcement emergency if necessary
  • Surveillance alarm and security camera

Security officer qualifications

  • Confirmation of high school or general training degree (GED) is required)
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Security guard valid license in the state of employment ،
  • Preferred previous security work experience
  • Ability to stay level and respond quickly in stressful situations
  • Mastered writing and verbal communication skills
  • Ergonomic kneeling, carrying, bending, walking and standing for a long time
  • Ability to perform continuous physical exercises as needed
  • Practical knowledge of basic security techniques

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How do I become a security guard in Canada?

Training is one of the most common ingredients to get a security guard license in any province in Canada. The general process of becoming a licensed guard is to complete the required number of hours of training approved in the province, write and pass the test, and apply for a security license.Security guard jobs in Canada toronto for foreigners