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Application Process to Become a Police Constable in Canada

Application Process to Become a Police Constable in Canada

A career as a police officer is an occupation unlike any other.

Relying on the division a policeman is assigned to, or the call-for-service to which they are dispatched, each change includes its very own unique obstacles and experiences. As no person’s day is the same, this applies to their duties and duties. An Officer may locate him or herself responding to a traffic issue, examining a criminal offense, collecting proof, apprehending a suspect, testifying in court, or informing a member of the neighborhood on personal safety and security.

As these responsibilities include daily communications with participants of the general public excellent interpersonal, social perceptiveness, and attention abilities are important in examining a circumstance and determining the appropriate activity to take. Skillful organization skills, being physically fit, and having the capacity to function within a team setting are essential attributes to achieve success.

Police Qualification: Police Constable in Canada

  • 18 years of age.
  • Canadian Person or Permanent Citizen (Landed Immigrant).
  • Quality 12 Diploma; G.E.D. Certificate; or equivalent *.
  • No involvement in any type of criminal activity within the last two years (including illegal drugs).
  • No rap sheet for which an Excuse has not been given.
  • Valid Course 5 Motorist’s License (Complete).
  • No greater than 4 demerits on Chauffeur’s Abstract as analyzed by the Winnipeg Police Service.
  • Have to satisfy current Winnipeg Police Service vision requirements.
  • Need to fulfill present Winnipeg Police Solution hearing criteria.
  • Successful completion of the Winnipeg Cops Solution– Physical Abilities Test.

* Identified Canadian assessment solutions are participants of the  Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC). They use a selection of evaluation products consisting of basic/general or comprehensive/detailed reports. While either type of record can be submitted, only a basic/general report is needed.

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Preferred Qualifications: Police Constable in Canada

Candidates having any one of the liked certifications kept in mind below, in addition to every one of the called-for minimum qualifications, will be taken into consideration much more affordable during the choice procedure.

  1. Post-secondary education.
  2. Demonstrated dedication to the neighborhood via volunteer experience.
  3. Police-related job or volunteer experience.
  4. Secure work history involving a setting of leadership, obligation, and depend on.
  5. Job and volunteer experience entailing considerable interaction with the general public.
  6. Understanding of a 2nd language or culture.
  7. Applied expertise in computers and standard keyboard skills.

Application Process to Become a Police Constable in Canada

Out-of-town Application: Police Constable in Canada

The option procedure for out-of-town candidates will certainly require they travel to Winnipeg numerous times. All traveling and relocation expenses will be the obligation of the applicant.

  • Trip 1: Composed Examination & WPS Physical Abilities Examination
  • Trip 2: Panel meeting & history interview
  • Trip 3: Psychological & clinical screening

Associated application costs: Police Constable in Canada

Applicants are suggested they may sustain some expenses related to the application process.

Especially, your application has to include: Police Constable in Canada

As you progress through the application process, you may likewise sustain costs for:.

  • post-secondary records: $13.00 to $28.00.
  • physical abilities test: $75.00.
  • physical abilities examination clinical (if needed): $75.00 to $100.
  • vision screening: $80.00 to $100.00.
  • Hearing screening: $80.00 to $100.00.
  • First Aid/CPR: $140.00.
  • Class 4 Motorists certificate: $45.00.
  • kid and grown-up misuse computer system registry checks: $40.00.

** Fees priced quote are approximate **.

Please additionally keep in mind that the Winnipeg Police Service has taken steps to decrease the financial effect on candidates who satisfy the Reduced Revenue Cut-off as developed by the Federal Government.

Testing: Police Constable in Canada

Written test: Police Constable in Canada

The Winnipeg Authorities Solution Created Test is a 105-minute selection test that concentrates on the skills that are essential to operating in the police. The examination covers 8 areas, and gauges your understanding of the following:

  • Working Memory.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Grammar.
  • Applied Mathematics.
  • Cops Reasoning.
  • Issue Resolving.
  • Map Navigation.
  • Checking out Understanding.

The pass mark is 65%.

Candidates that pass the created examination with a mark of 65% or much better hold that mark for 4 years which is applicable for the Constable and Cadet Application process.

There is a 5 (5) attempt maximum for the created examination. This consists of constable and cadet efforts. After the 5th failed attempt, you will be delayed for life.

Created Examination Research Study Guide.

Written Test Study Guide

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Winnipeg Police Service Physical Abilities Test (WPS-PAT): Police Constable in Canada

The WPS-PAT is conducted in a gymnasium with the applicant wearing apparel proper for exercise and contains:

  • Running 400 meters (1/4 mile) over a six-lap training course. This includes climbing and down stairways and leaping over reduced challenges.
  • Adhering to the 6 laps the candidate relocates to the push/pull station where they will pull and press versus 80 lbs of resistance while relocating a regulated half circle. Two controlled falls to the breast (roll over to the front and stand) are completed after each team of three pulls or 3 pushes. This sequence is duplicated twice.
  • Adhering to the push/pull terminal the applicant completes the examination by training and brings 80 lbs a distance of 50 feet.
  • The WPS-PAT examination needs to be completed within 4 minutes and 15 seconds

Keep in mind: A WPS-PAT certificate is not needed to be used, is valid for one year, and must be completed before the panel interview.

Applicants chosen to proceed to the P.A.T. will certainly be alerted by e-mail.

Practical information about the WPS-PAT: Police Constable in Canada

Training Tips: How to prepare for the WPS-PAT
For more information, please visit the College of Manitoba Recreation Services website

Psychological and medical testing: Police Constable in Canada

Psychological testing: Police Constable in Canada

Applicants who proceed to the last of the employment procedure will be arranged for psychological screening Evaluating includes a 2 to 4-hour composed test adhered to by a one-on-one interview with a Psychologist.

Medical screening: Police Constable in Canada

Applicants will be set up for medical testing that includes a test for illegal drugs.

Training: Police Constable in Canada

All successful applicants or Recruit Constables are required to participate in the Winnipeg Authorities Training Academy situated in Winnipeg Station.

Employees are full-time workers and obtain salary and benefits throughout training. Training is Monday to Friday (leaving out holidays) and consists of 36 weeks and is broken down as follows:

  • 18 weeks of academics in legislation and law enforcement.
  • 16 weeks of field training.
  • 2 weeks back at the academy for added academics and college graduation prep.

Employee Constables have to effectively finish both the academic and field training programs which include;

  • guns training.
  • police vehicle procedures.
  • use-of-force training.

Probationary period: Police Constable in Canada

Police Constables should satisfactorily finish a probationary duration of two years from the date of the visit.

Additional training opportunities: Police Constable in Canada

The Winnipeg Police Solution sustains and encourages its members to continue their cops training and education. Various possibilities are attended to all cops employees to join advanced curricula used at:

  • The Winnipeg Police Training Academy.
  • Canadian Authorities College.
  • Various other locations within Canada and the USA.

Application Process to Become a Police Constable in Canada

Vision and hearing standards: Police Constable in Canada

Vision criteria: Police Constable in Canada

Please have the Eye doctor and the Eye doctor fill out the vision form.

This type is valid for a one-year duration from the examination day.

If applicable, those who have had refractive surgical procedures require an eye surgery form.

The Winnipeg Authorities Service is not responsible for any costs sustained for the vision examinations and conclusion of succeeding types.

Uncorrected vision: Police Constable in Canada

  • 20/20 Vision in both eyes.

Restorative lenses required: Police Constable in Canada

  • With rehabilitative lenses at least 20/20 with both eyes.
  • Without restorative lenses at the very least 20/40, both eyes with one eye are no worse than 20/80.

Color vision: Police Constable in Canada

  • Color vision needs to be typical.

Peripheral vision: Police Constable in Canada

  • 150 constant degrees along the horizontal meridian and 20 degrees above and listed below the fixation point with both eyes.

Restorative surgical procedure: Police Constable in Canada

  • No substantial trouble with glow or night vision.
  • No substantial diurnal instability in aesthetic testing or features.
  • Extra medical details are needed for applicants who have had surgery and have completed a Minimum waiting period of 6 months post-op.

Hearing standards: Police Constable in Canada

Please have the Audiologist Otolaryngologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist of your selection complete the hearing form.

This type stands for a one-year duration from the examination date.

Hearing loss in both ears to be no above: Police Constable in Canada


Frequency 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 3000 Hz
Each ear 25 dB 25 dB 25 dB 25 dB

Added details relating to the hearing requirement can be obtained by getting in touch with the Occupational Health and Wellness Branch at 204-986-5218

  • Pure tone hearing loss no higher than 25 dB in both ears in the 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Hz variety.
  • No single frequency will surpass 35 dB in the 500- 3000 Hz array.
  • The 4000 Hz shall not exceed 45 dB.
  • Full In-Canal hearing assistants are enabled.


Salary: Police Constable in Canada

Constable Hourly Bi-Weekly Annual
1- Starting salary $30.13 $2,410.27 $62,666.96
2 – After 1 year $32.87 $2,629.38 $68,363.96
3 – After 2 years $35.61 $2,848.50 $74,060.95
4 – After 3 years $38.35 $3,067.61 $79,757.95
5 – After 4 years $43.82 $3,505.84 $91,151.94
6 – After 5 years $54.78 $4,382.30 $113,939.92

*The above salary schedule is as of July 16, 2023.

Note: Fourth Class Constables are on probation for 24 months.

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Lateral access: Police Constable in Canada

The Winnipeg Cops Service provides a side entrance program to those individuals who want to proceed with their policing job with the Winnipeg Authorities Solution. To be qualified as a lateral entry candidate, a candidate has to satisfy the list below requirements along with the minimal certifications:

  • Be a serving participant of a Canadian cops company whose standards and training approach those of the Winnipeg Cops Service, as figured out by the Winnipeg Authorities Recruiting/Human Resources Device.
  • Be eligible for an honorable discharge from the authorities service of which they are an existing member.
  • Have a minimum of two years of continuous police experience.

Lateral Entrance applicants will be needed to comply with the same employment process as that of a Police Constable, however, they are not required to complete the created examination.

Training: Police Constable in Canada

Lateral access constables are called to go to the Winnipeg Police Training Academy for educational training courses, which start following appointments and make up part of routine responsibilities.

Paid training is broken down as complies with:

  • Academics– 6 weeks maximum reliant upon previous training and experience.
  • Area Training – 12 weeks.
  • Analysis by a Coach Police officer.

Lateral Entry prospects need to successfully finish both the Academic and Field Training program. This consists of passing:

  • firearms training.
  • squad car operations.
  • use-of-force training.

Classification and salary level: Police Constable in Canada

All effective side entry constables start earning an income, at a rank identified by the Winnipeg Police Service, upon consultation.

Adhering to the schedule will certainly be used to determine the category of a side entrance constable:

Completed years of service
with another police organization
Winnipeg Police Service classification
Two years Constable Third Class – First year
Three years Constable Third Class – Second year
Four or more years Constable Second Class


Constable Hourly Bi-weekly Annual
3rd Class (First year) $35.60 $2,848.49 $74,060.95
3rd Class (Second year) $38.34 $3,067.61 $79,757.95
2nd Class $43.82 $3,505.84 $91,151.94
1st Class $54.77 $4,382.30 $113,939.92

*Above salary schedule is as of July 16, 2023.


Providing all requirements and standards have been met, a lateral entry constable will advance one increment at a time on the anniversary date of their hiring until they have attained First Class Constable.

Only actual service with the Winnipeg Police Service will be considered for increments above the rank of First Class Constable.

Probationary period: Police Constable in Canada

Lateral entry candidates must satisfactorily complete a probationary period of two years from the date of appointment.

Source: Winnipeg Police Service

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