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Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA

Position Summary:

The Lead Software Engineer, reports to the director of HR Systems. Individuals will have good experience with software engineering principles and best practices, solution design, the latest SAP roadmap and technologies, technical troubleshooting techniques, and application testing approaches. Individuals should have technical abilities in all aspects of HR Systems integration, cloud development role-based security management, and system administration. Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Guide the design and engineering group in executing and melding with extensive and intricate corporate infrastructures.
  • Effective at working with others and collaborating as part of a team.
  • Addresses issues, refines, and enhances current systems.
  • Ensures that the software stays current with the most recent features and complies with professional benchmarks.
  • The responsibilities outlined in this job description do not encompass the full scope of tasks the employee in this role will be expected to carry out. Additional duties related to the job may be assigned by either their supervisor or other members of the management team as necessary.
Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA     Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA

Financial Responsibilities

  • Possesses a comprehensive grasp of IT-related estimation tasks. This individual may be responsible for guiding significant and intricate estimation processes.
  • Fulfills the criteria by completing projects on time and within budget while maintaining the desired level of quality.
Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA    Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA


Required skills/competencies:

  • Possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s level education in either Computer Science or Engineering.
  • A minimum of five years or more in the field of software development experience.
  • Working closely with extensive, multi-disciplinary groups within a multicultural and international framework.
  • Experience in actively engaging in the design and development process for microservices using Java Spring Boot and Node.js.
  • Understanding of SQL, designing data structures, and working with both relational and document-based databases.
  • Practical experience in using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Combines different software elements to create a complete and operational software system.
  • Proficiency in integrating systems through messaging by employing Enterprise Integration Patterns, including technologies like MuleSoft, Apache Camel, SAP CPI, Event Mesh, TIBCO, or the Kafka ecosystem.
  • Well-versed in internet technology including PHP, HTML5, TypeScript, and frameworks like Angular and React, as well as technologies for mobile platforms.
  • Extensive understanding of integrating various application programming interfaces (APIs) including RESTful services, SOAP standards, Open API specifications, OData protocol, GraphQL technology, and authentication methods like JWT and OAuth.
  • Conversant in technologies related to cyber-protection, including asymmetric key cryptography, Security Assertion Markup Language, Secure Sockets Layer certifications, Secure Shell, Secure File Transfer Protocol, Advanced Encryption Standard, and Single Sign-On.
  • Acquainted with the LAMP stack, which includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP technologies.
  • Acquainted with the git workflow process and utilities like Bitbucket or GitHub.
  • Conversant in the use of design notations including UML (Unified Modeling Language), ArchiMate, and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).
  • Desirable expertise includes familiarity with Use Case Analysis, proficiency in Agile methodologies, and experience using Agile-related software like JIRA.
  • Proficiency in working with logging frameworks and instruments, for example, slf4j, and perf4j, as well as monitoring and analysis solutions like Splunk or the ELK stack.
  • Proficiency in utilizing tools for profiling the performance of applications, including the likes of AppDynamics, DynaTrace, and JMeter.
  • Desired familiarity with creating solutions on the SAP BTP Cloud Platform.
  • Tasked with overseeing the financial aspects and expenses associated with technology systems and services.
  • Offer advice to guarantee that spending on technology corresponds with the goals of the business.
Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA    Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Expertise in the field of computer science, engineering, or a similar area of study.
  • Capable of developing, conveying, and executing technical fixes.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively alongside individuals with technical expertise.
  • Able to operate autonomously with little oversight. Might guide or oversee the tasks of other individuals.
  • Showcase a level of inventiveness, coupled with robust abilities in analysis and resolving issues.
  • Proficient in the use of methods, instruments, top techniques, and procedures relevant to a certain area of expertise.
  • Superb ability to communicate both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Initiate and finish assignments independently, without requiring much, if any, oversight.

Physical Demands:

  • Willing to undertake travel as needed to carry out the responsibilities of the job.
  • Willing to put in work during late hours, nighttime, and weekend periods when required.


Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA    Royal Caribbean Group Vacancy in the USA

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