Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023 Visa sponsorship (New Updated)

Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023 Visa sponsorship

Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023 Visa sponsorship Overview of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada If you are looking for seasonal employment in Canada, fruit picker jobs can be a great option.

Canada has a high demand for fruit pickers during the harvest season, which typically runs from spring to fall. These jobs involve picking a variety of fruits, such as apples, berries, and grapes, from orchards and farms across the country. Here is an overview of fruit picker jobs in Canada:

Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023 Visa sponsorship
Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023 Visa sponsorship

Overview of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

  • Fruit picker jobs are temporary positions that offer an opportunity to work outdoors and experience the beauty of Canada’s agricultural landscapes.
  • These jobs are physically demanding and require stamina, as they involve a lot of bending, reaching, and lifting.
  • Fruit pickers work in teams and follow specific instructions from supervisors or farm owners.
  • Some employers provide on-the-job training, but prior experience in the agricultural industry can be beneficial.
  • Wages for fruit picker jobs in Canada vary depending on the region, but they generally meet the minimum wage standards set by the province.

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Benefits and Challenges of Fruit Picker Jobs


  • Seasonal fruit picker jobs in Canada offer an opportunity to earn income during the harvest season.
  • These jobs provide a chance to work outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Fruit picker jobs can be a rewarding experience for those who appreciate the agricultural industry and want to contribute to food production.
  • Working as a fruit picker can provide an opportunity to improve physical fitness and stamina.


  • Fruit picker jobs can be physically demanding and require long hours of standing and repetitive tasks.
  • Weather conditions can sometimes be challenging, with hot or cold temperatures and exposure to elements.
  • Some fruit picker jobs involve working on ladders or in elevated positions, which can be risky for those who are not comfortable with heights.
  • Language barriers may exist for those who are not fluent in English or French, as communication with supervisors and team members is crucial.

Overall, fruit picker jobs in Canada provide an opportunity to work in the agricultural sector, enjoy the beauty of nature, and contribute to the local food industry.

Job titleFruit picker
Job typeFull-Time, Part-Time, Temporary, Permanent, Seasonal
EducationHigh School, Diploma, Degree in Relevant Category
No of vacancy1000+
SalarySpecified with Job Title

LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Fruit picker jobs in Canada lmia 2023

What is an LMIA?

LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. It is a document issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that assesses the impact of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labor market.

An LMIA evaluates if there are no Canadians or permanent residents available to fill job positions and ensures that hiring foreign workers will not have a negative impact on wages or working conditions in Canada. It is a crucial step for employers seeking to hire foreign workers for certain job positions.

Role of LMIA in Fruit Picker Jobs

LMIA plays a significant role in the process of hiring foreign workers, including fruit pickers, in Canada. Here’s how it relates to fruit picker jobs:

1. Job Validation: An LMIA ensures that there is a genuine need for hiring foreign workers as fruit pickers in Canada. Employers must provide evidence that there are no available Canadians or permanent residents who can perform the job.

2. Proof of Wages and Benefits: Employers need to demonstrate that they will pay the foreign workers fair wages and provide them with benefits that meet Canadian standards.

3. Labor Market Impact: LMIA assesses the potential impact of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labor market. It ensures that hiring foreign fruit pickers will not result in job losses or lower wages for Canadians.

4. Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Employers apply for an LMIA through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This program allows employers to hire foreign workers for temporary job positions when no Canadians or permanent residents are available.

5. Work Permits: Once an LMIA is obtained, foreign workers can apply for a work permit to legally work as fruit pickers in Canada.

It is important for both employers and foreign workers to understand the role of LMIA in fruit picker jobs in Canada. LMIA ensures that the hiring process is fair, transparent, and beneficial for both the Canadian labor market and foreign workers.

Job Opportunities

If you are looking for job opportunities as a fruit picker in Canada, you are in luck! Canada offers a wide range of fruit picker jobs across the country, providing seasonal employment for individuals who are looking to work in the agricultural sector. Here are some types of fruit picker jobs and popular fruit picking regions in Canada.

Types of Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

1. Apple Picker: Apple picking is a popular job during the fall season in Canada. Workers are responsible for harvesting apples from orchards, sorting and packing them for distribution.

2. Berry Picker: Berry picking is another common job in Canada, especially during the summer months. Workers gather various types of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

3. Grape Harvester: Grape harvesters are required during the grape harvest season, which typically falls between late summer and early fall. Workers assist in the picking and sorting of grapes for winemaking.

4. Cherry Picker: Cherry picking is a seasonal job that occurs in late spring to early summer. Workers harvest cherries from cherry orchards for fresh consumption or processing.

Popular Fruit Picking Regions in Canada

1. Niagara Region, Ontario: The Niagara Region is known for its vineyards and fruit farms. It is a popular destination for grape harvesting and offers a variety of other fruit picking opportunities.

2. Okanagan Valley, British Columbia: The Okanagan Valley is a renowned fruit-growing region in Canada, known for its orchards and vineyards. It offers a wide range of fruit picking jobs, particularly in the summer and fall months.

3. Fraser Valley, British Columbia: The Fraser Valley is another major fruit-growing region in British Columbia. It is known for its berry farms and offers opportunities for berry picking during the summer season.

4. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia: The Annapolis Valley is famous for its apple orchards and is one of the largest apple-growing regions in Canada. It provides job opportunities for apple pickers during the harvest season.

5. Quebec: Quebec is known for its apple orchards, berry farms, and vineyards. It offers various fruit picking jobs throughout the year, depending on the harvest season.

These are just a few examples of the many fruit picker job opportunities available in Canada. Whether you are interested in apple picking, berry picking, or grape harvesting, Canada’s diverse agricultural industry offers plenty of options for seasonal employment.

Requirements and Qualifications

Skills and Experience Needed for Fruit Picker Jobs

To work as a fruit picker in Canada, there are certain skills and qualifications that are typically required:

1. Physical fitness: Fruit picking can be physically demanding, so it is important to be in good physical shape and able to perform repetitive tasks for long hours.

2. Attention to detail: Fruit pickers need to be meticulous and pay attention to detail to ensure that the fruit is picked at the right time and handled properly.

3. Basic agricultural knowledge: While previous experience is not always necessary, having basic knowledge of agriculture and fruit picking techniques can be an advantage.

4. Ability to work in a team: Fruit picking is often done in teams, so being able to work well with others and communicate effectively is essential.

Work permits and Visa Requirements

To work as a fruit picker in Canada, you will need to obtain a work permit or visa. The specific requirements may vary depending on your country of residence. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): In many cases, employers in Canada are required to obtain an LMIA before hiring foreign workers. This assessment ensures that there are no Canadians available to fill the job positions.

2. Temporary Work Permit: Once an employer has obtained an LMIA, they can offer you a temporary job offer. With this job offer, you can apply for a temporary work permit.

3. International Experience Canada (IEC) Program: The IEC program provides opportunities for young people from certain countries to work and travel in Canada. Under this program, you may be eligible for an open work permit, allowing you to work in various industries, including fruit picking.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and processes for obtaining a work permit or visa can change, so it is advisable to check with the Canadian government’s official website or consult with immigration professionals to get the most up-to-date information.

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Wages and Benefits

Average Salary for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

– The average salary for fruit picker jobs in Canada typically ranges from $14 to $20 per hour.- This can vary depending on the region, type of fruit being harvested, and experience level of the picker.- Some employers may also offer piece-rate pay, where pickers are paid based on the amount of fruit they harvest.

No of vacancies

Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here
Fruit farm workerAbbotsford (BC)Apply Here

Additional Perks and Benefits for Fruit Pickers

– Accommodation: Many employers provide free or subsidized housing for fruit pickers, either on-site or nearby.- Transportation: Some employers offer transportation to and from the farm for their workers.-

Meals: Some employers may provide meals or have on-site facilities for workers to prepare their own meals.- Health and Safety: Employers are required to provide a safe working environment and adhere to health and safety regulations.-

Workers’ Rights: Fruit pickers in Canada have certain rights and protections under the Canadian Labour Code, including minimum wage laws, hours of work regulations, and the right to join a union.- Social Benefits:

Depending on the duration of employment, fruit pickers may be eligible for certain social benefits such as employment insurance or workers’ compensation.

It’s important for fruit pickers to understand their rights and ensure that they are receiving fair wages and benefits. Additionally, it’s advised to research specific job postings, talk to employers, and consider joining a union for further support and information.

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